Freelance Design Directory

Stanford designers have eclectic interests, backgrounds in human-centered design, and years of product development experience honed in the innovative culture of Silicon Valley.  This directory lists Stanford designers and firms available to help you tell your story, design your website, understand your users, get your product from concept through manufacturing and launch. All the different things designers do, all in the same directory. So go ahead, hire a designer.

Age Tech Design
Mortati Design​​​​​​​
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Design
Behavioral Design 
Deck Strategy
Installation Design 
Museum Exhibition Design
Packaging Design
Residential Interiors
Social Impact Design
Adrienne Baer​​​​​​​ |​​​​​​​ Anna Xu |​​​​​​​ Jenny Wang | Mortati Design | Nicole GonzalezVadim Goretsky
UX Writing 
Cougar Oswald | Gibbonwood Studio​​​​​​​
Web Design 
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